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4 Tips for the perfect homemade pie.

When I was 15,I took over the pie-making in my mom's bakery.妈妈有时还会做填充物,but I made the crust and baked them.It seemed I had a touch for pies,随着时间的推移,I have further developed my pie-baking skills.Over the past 20+ years,I learned 4 tips for the perfect homemade pie!!

4 tips for the perfect homemade pie.

Tips for the perfect pie

1.Lots of shortening in the crust.This is the foundation of a delicious crust!Whether you use lard,shortening,butter,or some combination of those,the key word islots!My ratio is 5 cups flour to 2 cups shortening.Here's my crust recipe.

2.Don't overmix the dough.You can get away with alittlebit of overmixing if you have enough shortening. Overmixing is a common problem,though,你要小心不要过度混合。It will make your crust tough.Just gently mix till there are no loose crumbs.

3.Use a good filling recipe.在你精通一些食谱之前,不要试着自己动手做。不管外壳有多好,如果馅饼是淡而无味的,那么馅饼就一文不值了。in my opinion!🙂 I have a few filling recipes here:
Amish shoofly,,
Old-fashioned apple custard.

4 tips for the perfect pie

Easy method for baking

4.Bake at 350 for 1 hour.My mom taught me this trick.Every fruit pie can be baked at 350° for 1 hour.(pumpkin or pecan pie may be slightly different,但通常接近)
I've had people laugh at me,but trust me,this works!!!

Your crust edges won't burn,(no need for those metal covers) and your pie will be baked completely through – no doughy crust on the bottom. However,you may need to leave it slightly less full of filling,因为填充物会开始沸腾,and may boil over if it is too full.

4 tips for the perfect pie

Extra tips:

You can freeze pie filling.Just cool it,place in a zipper bag or plastic freezer container.

你可以冷冻馅饼皮面团.Wrap in plastic or place in freezer bag.To use,thaw and bring to room temperature before rolling.

Make your own premade pie crust rounds!!Roll out pie crust,then gently roll up and wrap the long roll in plastic.Place in freezer.To use,place on counter and bring to room temperature.展开并放置在饼盘中,然后修剪。

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tips for the perfect pie