Fall in Wyoming

怀俄明州的秋天很美。I don't think I've seen the colors more vibrant,或者天空更蓝。I haven't been able to pursue my photography as much as I'd like,the past few months,但上周我确实把相机拿了出来,拍了一些秋天的色彩。

fall in wyoming

horses golden aspen

Horse herd grazing near the Medicine Bow river.

We live along the Medicine Bow River,and the river bottoms are full of cottonwood trees,白杨树林,and willow bushes.They all turn golden yellow in fall,and this year was outstanding!It looked like a river of gold,winding its way through the high prairie.

One day,it was raining and snowing by turn,clouds and fog and all sorts of drizzly.I was driving the 5 miles to our Post Office when I spied this gorgeous rainbow over by the mountain.Thankfully,I had my camera,so I pulled over and snapped a few photos.It was so beautiful!只有一条彩虹从低矮的云朵中飘出,colors as bright as could be.

Rain is welcome

After several months of dusty,bone-dry weather,all day rain was a welcome relief.I felt sorry for the 下载188金宝博app安卓cowboys who were sorting cattle and working all day in the damp wind,though.These are the times I am especially thankful to be a housewife.😉

I've been dealing with water issues in this house ever since we moved here.The past summer has been the worst,though.Sometimes I get frustrated with it,and tired of running a trapline for the mice thatwill找到一条路,despite my best efforts,以及这个高海拔国家的严冬。

But then,I gaze out over this vast expanse of beauty and just let out a contented sigh.I truly enjoy living here,winter and all,and I am thankful to God for bringing us here – for however long it may last.

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