10 New Years' Resolutions for Christians.

I have been on and off about New Year's Resolutions – first I said no.我是说,当我们连它们都放不下的时候,干吗还要麻烦呢?愚蠢的。😉

But then I discovered how much fun it is to sit down and make a plan or set a goal,and so I have made some New year's Resolutions the past few years.I haven't kept them all,但我并不后悔设置它们。就像一个报价我曾经写道:

他说:“这是一个很好的选择。”Shoot for the moon and you will land among stars."-未知

去年我决定学拉绳。I didn't do well at that,but I did learn to ride a lot better!在我准备好处理绳子之前,我需要在马鞍上多呆几个小时,too.And it was fun!This year – well,我有一些目标和计划,but the most important one is not a cut-and-dried goal…


我的新年决心是多和孩子们在一起,和他们一起回忆吧!花更多的时间与我的丈夫在他的工作。(我们都喜欢这样!) And to be more fully engaged with local Christians – fellowshipping,会议,caring,共度时光。我讨厌生活总是在不知不觉中溜走,the year is gone and who did I actually take time to sit down and care about?你说什么?我想换一个。

10 New Year's Resolutions for Christians in 2018

在那张纸条上,I was thinking about New Year's Resolutions that all Christians should make.这可能是一月份的好学习。Take 3 days on each point,研究上帝在这个问题上所说的话。我的话可能是错的——但上帝的话永远不会是错的!The Bible is always 100% relevant,applicable,对我们现在的情况很有用。


马太福音5:9在事情上很容易激动起来;错误的人,family drama,教堂戏剧,等。但决心成为带来和平的人。Don't spread the rumors,不要听故事,不要加入这个集团。做一个倡导和平与统一的人。

只做神所喜悦的事。约翰8:30耶稣说他只做那些讨父喜悦的事。他是我们的哥哥,也是我们的完美榜样——所以我们也一样,should only do the things that please our Father.我们没有被拯救,也没有被证明是正当的,所以我们可以做任何我们喜欢的事情——我们的拯救是付出巨大代价的!因此,保罗告诉我们,你不是你自己的。哥林多前书6:19-20

Always do the work of the Lord.哥林多前书15:57-58这个破碎的旧世界使做好工作显得毫无意义。但这并非毫无意义。We need to keep on working,坚持上帝的话。为基督所做的一切都是虚无的。

Triumph in Christ.哥林多前书2:13只有靠你内在神的灵的能力,这才是可能的。To triumph over depression,bad moods,grumpy attitudes,jealousy,selfishness – this is a bigger miracle than healing from sickness!求上帝用他的灵充满你,and walk in obedience and humility,你将在基督里开始胜利!你说什么?

每天为自己而死。>2 Corinthians 4:9-11这就是战胜罪恶的秘诀。为自己而死;all MY desires,我的遗嘱,MY plans – and offer myself as a sacrifice to God,daily.Dying to my need to be right,dying to my need to be respected,渴望我的舒适…每天都渴望我。This is what ‘taking up my cross' means.这不是什么宇宇理论——这很痛苦,每天,对自己和我所有的肉体的渴望的死亡。想报复伤害我的人,想要以他人的利益为代价,只考虑我自己的利益——这些自私的欲望和习惯需要消亡,所以我可以转变成耶稣基督的形象。

Walk by faith.2 Corinthians 5:5-7相信上帝的话是真的。相信他会履行诺言。相信上帝会照顾我,也要相信他会惩罚罪人,正如他所说的。相信他每天都会指引我。Faith that if I live a life fully given to God,靠着圣灵的能力行走,我所作的一切,都必蒙上帝的报应。也许不是在这一生中——也许不是在身体上——而是一种永恒自然的回报。

在主里常常喜乐。2 Corinthians 6:9-11Life is often hard.Painful.意想不到的试验。But when we have the assurance of God's love,我们可以在试炼中快乐,因为我们知道上帝用我们生命中的一切来吸引我们接近他,and form us into the image of Christ.如果我们心中有这种信念,we can be like the apostles who sang hymns at midnight when they were in jail.使徒行传16:25

10 New Year's Resolutions for Christians in 2018

感谢你所做的一切。Ephesians 5:19-21再说一遍——我们不想在任何情况下都表示感谢!But here we can go back to giving our bodies as aliving sacrifice(二)无论我们是否感到感激,都要感谢!It doesn't say:"give thanks of you feel thankful",请no,we need to give thanks – period.故事的结尾。这是命令,这就是我们需要在信仰上服从的地方。如果你开始定期致谢,我敢打赌,在艰难的环境中,你会有更多的平静。就是这样!你说什么?

愿基督在我身上被尊崇。菲律宾1:19-21We like to sing about giving it all for Jesus',but when it comes to our body and what we do with it – there we take a step backwards.我们想做我们想做的事。We have freedom,正确的?但事情是这样的——当耶稣基督把我们从死亡的诅咒中拯救出来的时候,he paid an immense price!So we should not take that lightly.Our eating habits,着装风格,how we care for our bodies – these things all need to be surrendered to jesus and His Lordship.今年我想让我的身体为他增光。

Be humble.1 Peter 5:5Humility is such a tricky thing,isn't it?我想提醒自己的是,is that other people's opinion is worthless to me.Only what God thinks of me,事项!Whether others think we are good,或者他们是否认为我们不好-throw it into the trash你说什么?我只考虑上帝是否喜欢我。

他说:“这是一个很好的选择。”Do not desire to be the principal man in the church.卑微。Be humble.The best man in the church is the man who is willing to be a doormat for all to wipe their boots on,不介意他发生什么事的兄弟,so long as God is glorified."司布真

I hope this list of New Year's resolutions for Christians has prodded your mind to think of what is truly important,what needs to come first in our lives.这确实让我思考了很多,当我查阅诗句并思考这些事情时。May God bless your new year,and may your life reflect His,in every way.

10 New Year's Resolutions for Christians in 2018


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